Sunday, 23 August 2015

Is Europe a failed project?

Is Europe a failure? There are so many skeptics and opponents today after 50 years of constructing Europe since the end of world war II that one wonders if the tide has reversed. The reality today is that there are critics in all member countries of the EU that denounce the burocracy, the endless negociations on political issues; all blame Europe for allowing massive immigration, fueling political disenchantment, working-class and middle-class decline, rising inequalities, low growth, massive unemployement, fiscal austerity, excessive taxes and so more! For all today's evils that plague us, the culprit is Europe, Brussels and the commission. Let's get out of there, say UKIP, NO2EU 3, Front National France, Party for Freedom Netherlands, Podemos in Spain, and many others.​ Continue reading...

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